30 Day Devotional To Sayari

In a 30 day devotional to Sayari, each day will begin with devotion to Sayari.


Guest Post From Aya Ruje of Klana Ruje


I would like to first start off this post with a bit about myself. Things have been hectic for our family, to say the least. We are dealing with a lot of worldly things right now. We haven’t been free of stress, and it has not only seeped into our spiritual life, but it has distinctly flavored it. Soon, you will see posts about my efforts to retune our families energy, especially since I plan to post much more with Michelle’s site.

One of these ideas I have for retuning our energy a 30 day devotional to Sayari. I haven’t worked out all of the details yet, however I also acknowledge the ability to wing it. I am not a fan of winging it though. I am much too calculated of a person.

What Is A 30 Day Devotional To Sayari?

Well, a devotional is a ritual devotion. In a 30 day devotional to Sayari, each day will begin with devotion to Sayari. I feel that I am being compelled to make 3 actionable offerings to Sayari each day.

In my mind, an actionable offering is something other than an object offering. Sure, offering fruit is an offering and their is nothing wrong with that. I feel that there is more energy potential in an actionable offering, where my offering is the completion of some type of action.

So far, I have received two great suggestions for actionable offerings. These are:

  • Energetic Offerings
  • Caring For A Plant

Caring for a plant would be an ongoing thing, so I would work that out in the following way. One day for my actionable offering I would place a plant on our Sayari Shrine (once I make one for our new home, of course). From that point on, caring for that plant would count for the offering of the day I placed the plant on the shrine. Watering it and grooming it each day would not be considered an offering for that day.

Energetic Offerings

These are much more simple than you would expect, especially for something with such a name. Anyone could make an energetic offering. I could play the Ukulele at the shrine with the intent of spending the energy in honor of our Great Mother. I could meditate and offer the energy used in meditation to her. I could exercise and offer Her that energy.


A Different Offering Each Day

As my reasoning behind doing a 30 Day Devotional to Sayari is to do some major retuning of not only my energy but our whole families energy, it seems fitting that each day my actionable offering be unique.

I have 2 ideas so far for offerings, leaving me with 28 more to think of.

What Ideas Do You Have For Actionable Offerings For a 30 Day Devotional To 

Ideas For Your Families Shrine

The Klana Way path of paganism puts great importance on family. These simple ideas for a klana way family shrine are good inspiration for a family shrine of your own.

Are you looking for ideas for your families shrine? While the Klana Way doesn’t say we have to have one (in fact, it doesn’t say anything, it has no mouth 🙂 ) I really think that it is a great idea.

For one, it brings the family together in making the shrine. Second, with the family coming together with the intent to create a shrine that represents the love and loyalty and respect we all have for each other, we are generating a lot of strong, positive energy that is very good for us.

Every time we say our prayers or make a rita at the shrine, we obtain the benefit of this strong positive energy.

So, some awesome ideas I found on Pinterest for your Family Shrine…

Klana Way Family Shrine Idea #1

Use Cups To Represent The Elements

Using candles to represent the elements for your family shrine is a great way to practice the klana way with your family
Using cups to represent the elements for your family shrine is a great way to practice the klana way with your family

The elements are important to us all, not just pagans of the Klana Way path. The elements represent not the complex essence of existence in a simple yet accurate way. They also represent the things that we as human beings need and use to survive. We are connected with these elements in a very intimate way.


  • Glass or cup filled with soil to represent Earth, Sayari’s body
  • Empty glass or cup filled to represent the wind, Sayari’s breath
  • Glass or cup to hold a small candle to represent fire, the energy of life
  • Glass or cup filled with water, to represent water as well as the Womb of Sayari

Klana Way Family Shrine Idea #2

Use Tea Light Candles To Represent Members Of Your Family and Hearth

A bowl of soil with tea light candles to represent the members of your family and your hearth is a great klana way family shrine idea
A bowl of soil with tea light candles to represent the members of your family and your hearth is a great klana way family shrine idea

What you need

  • One large, clear bowl
  • one candle for each person in your family hearth

I call this the klanhaladaja, which means Family Container in the Klana Language. I use mine as  a focus object during meditation at times, and I also use it as a focus object when praying or making ritas for my family.

Each candle represents a person. Personally, I like the idea of having the candles be colored, with one color representing one member of the family. For now, I am still waiting for all of the colors to come to me.

This is a great center piece for the Family Shrine as it represents the family itself as well as all of its members. The klana way of seeing family is that each individual family member is one cell of the body of the whole family.

Seeing each individual candle inside the larger container  is a great way to remind myself of this. The soil that the candles are placed in shows to remind us that we cannot separate ourselves from Sayari.

Having long candles that can be held upright by the soil is another great idea, and a great way to show the way Sayari supports us.

Do you have a Family Shrine? I'd love to know how your family set up its
Family Shrine. Leave a comment below and tell me your ideas or what you 
have done :)

A Simple Way To Show Your Love To Great Mother Sayari

Invite our Great Mother Sayari into your family with a simple Sayari Shrine, a shrine to Mother Nature.


It Is Important To Make Room For Our Great Mother Sayari

It is important that every follower of the Klana Way invite Sayari into their homes and their family. Sayari is our Grandmother, and is Great Grandmother to our children. Our children should know their Great Grandmother, and should see their parents treating her with love and respect.

It is important that we make room for Great Mother Sayari in our family and our home.

A Simple Sayari Shrine

Shrines are a great way to keep our minds focused on something positive. Shrines speak to our subconscious in a way that in indescribable. They have an effect on us.

Our family has a small, simple Sayari shrine set up in our living room. It’s nothing more than a small end table. We sit down with the kids for some craft time and using materials that we have found on our walks outside, we create decorations and gifts that we leave on the table. Our oldest son drew a picture of what he thinks the Great Mother looks like, and we hung it on the wall above the shrine.

We have pretty stones that we find and set on the shrine, and a couple of small pots with fresh soil in them. We never buy the soil, we just find a spot with good soil and we sift through it, removing any debris and trash that we find.

In these small pots we plant things. We often plan Lavender, but we also plant Oregano, a flower at times, anything at all. We plant them so that Sayari’s other grand children, the children of Vejna, can be with her. So that we can be together.

It also helps to set the symbolism up in our minds, especially for our children. The more energy we put into our little Sayari shrine, the more it feels like the spirit of our Great Mother is with us in our home and our family.


For those who haven’t heard of the Klana Way or of our Great Mother Sayari, it would be enough to know that Mother Sayari is called many names, some of which are: Mother Nature and Gaia.