Welcome to the Klana Way wordpress site. This site is dedicated to teaching the Klana way as well as helping to promote an understanding of Klana and those of us who call the Klana Way our way.

What Is The Klana Way?

The Klana Way is many things. It is a religion, it is a lifestyle, it is a philosophy and it is  a family.

There is no central deity in the Klana Way, and what we view as Gods and Goddesses in Klana may not be seen as deities by all followers.

It is not an organized religion per say, though there is some organization. It’s just not organized the way that most of the world’s major organizations are organized. We are organized into Families (called klanas) and Hearths.

What Do Followers Of The Klana Way Believe?

The Klana Way is a tradition, or order, of Sayari Paganism. It is an intregral part of Sayari Paganism, and mostly inseperable. The Beliefs of the followers of the Klana Way are the beliefs of Sayari Paganism.

Followers of the Klana Way (we’re called Klanichtas, which means family members, or Voyichtas, which means People of The Way) believe that all life is sacred, and that all life is equal. The way we see things, there is no difference between the plant and the bird and the human.

We understand the inter-connectedness of all life, and admire the systems of Nature.

We show our love to Sayari, the Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Gaia, whatever you want to call her. She is our Great Mother and her body is our home. Her spirit gives us life.

We also believe in loyalty to family, living simple and natural lives. We believe in self sufficiency, and we generally reject the concept of money. This doesn’t mean that we don’t use money, that is hard to do in this world. If we could manage it, however, we would all probably be very quick to do so.

Family is important to us, especially the family dynamics of two parents and their children. The parents and children are at the heart of family, they cause it to be. We give our loyalty to our family first and foremost, equally as we give it to Sayari.

My family is named Klana Arbichta, which means the Family of the People of the Trees. We named our family this because of our love of trees. Sayari is part of our family, part of Klana Arbichta. She is my husband and I’s grandmother, and is great grandmother to our children.

Every Klanichta claims Sayari as a member of their family. We try to have as much of her within our homes and the land our family lives on as possible. We do this so that she is thought to be present.

Many people do this differently, we have a shrine that we keep set up for Sayari. We always keep a small pot of fresh soil on the shrine. We plant a seed in the pot and grow a flower, herb or other plant… a daughter of Vejna. When the plant is strong enough we will either take it outside and replant it, or use it (if it is an herb, a medicinal plant, etc) so that it may fulfill its intended purpose.

In this way we honor Mother Sayari by helping her daughter Vejna’s children to fulfill their purpose in existence.