When You Miss Someone – A Blessing Rita

If you miss someone or want to send them lovingkindness and blessings, this Beja Rita is a good place to start.


This simple Beja Rita (Blessing Rita) is perfect if you miss someone, and can’t tell them. Perhaps you know someone, miss someone or love someone who is experiencing hard times.

Light a candle and some incense. Declare out loud that the smoke from the incense carries your intentions into the universe and extends to all beings until it reaches the person you are dedicating the Beja Rita to.

Declare that this Beja Rita is to send loving-kindness and blessings to your intended.

Focus on the flame of the candle, slowly and deeply breathing in and out until you are relaxed.

Then, close your eyes and visualize your intended. Visualize them in any setting you wish, what is important is that you visualize your intended experiencing loving-kindness, being well, happy and peaceful. Visualize them in pure peace and happiness, free of worry and free of trouble. See the smile on their face as they exist in this perfect condition and perfect state of body, mind and spirit.

Tell the universe about your intended, describe them to the universe, to sayari, kojma or anyone else that you wish. Or you could talk directly to the intended. This is great if you have a picture of them.

Talk about fun things you have done together, positive and happy memories of them. Talk about how you miss them and how much you love them.

Then say the following prayer:

As great as the distance between us
As great as the obstacles you face,
that great and multiplied by one thousand is the love that I give to you.

Your Great Mother Sayari loves you,
your family loves you,
I love you.

When the sun rises on your day so does your peace,
when the sun rises on your day so does your love.

As the sun sets and the light fades so does your troubles,
as the sun sets and the light fades so does your suffering.

And each day you wake is a new chance at life,
you are blessed
you are loved
I send you my blessings and my love…

You have success at what you do
You have no fear you have only comfort
You do not worry for you know that the sun always sets and rises

As great as the distance between us
As great as the obstacles you face,
that great and multiplied by one thousand are the blessing that I give to you.

Rita To Protect From Wickedness : A Sepina

A Sepina Rita For Warding Off Wickedness

There is no hiding the fact that their is wickedness in the world. It wouldn’t even be possible. Maybe, you could choose the path of ignorance and ignore the evidence, but that isn’t the Klana Way. No, the Klana Way is to recognize the wickedness in the world and to stay very, very far away from it.

Sometimes, though, that wickedness finds you. Sometimes in comes into your life and grabs hold with harmful talons that can poison your family’s chpiratnya and leave you all completely out of tune.

So here is a Rita to protect each member of your family from wickedness.

What is a Sepina?

Think of it as kind of like a novena, a prayer said for 9 days in a row. A sepina is said for 7 days, a whole week, in the morning and the night. This goes on for as many weeks as it takes.

A sepina uses the phases of moon as a guidance for the rita.

Essentially, during the Krechkluna (when the moon on its journey from New Moon to Full Moon) you focus your Sepina Rita on gaining positives, whether they be gaining positive events or states of mind or just positive tuning.

For example, say your Sepina Rita is being dedicated to help you overcome your habit of resorting to insults when you are angry or offended, during the Krechkluna you would focus on gaining something that would help with that endevour. Such as patience, compassion or forgiveness.

Make a list of all of the things you want to gain during this phase of the Sepina Rita, and during your rita every morning and every night light a candle dedicated each item on your list and say a prayer, asking Lu Cia, Kojma, Sayari, Karichna and Sapyana for help with each one.

Basic Sepina Rita To Ward Off Wickedness Steps

These steps are performed every day for seven days in the morning and then again at night before bed.

Step #1

At the families shrine, sit, kneel or stand. Whichever is the way you do things. Breath in and out slowly and deeply to induce a relaxed state. With each inhale, visualize that the outcomes you seek have materialized as energy which you are now breathing in. Breathe in your goal, achieve it and make it one with you.

When you breath out, feel the weight that achieving your goals has lifted off of you.

If the moon is growing (best to start this on a new moon) then light a candle for each wickedness you intend to ward off. When you light each candle, say something similar:

Klana: Vwa lum e mwa lum, kai es formagi l’chlekt. j’voci t’mwa panyas pwa ayida. Lu cia, lum ebli t’i car vu. Ayidi ej se vu van. Kojma, na lasi l’chlektajas akiranti t’ej merchlektmagi vu, ayidi ej se vu van. Sayari, wa panya, vu e mwa ham kai  brahajdonichta.  Ayidi ej se vu van. karichna, wa panya, ayida ej. Vwa kinta-klana e chlektmaganti pwa ej. Sapyana, ebli vwa chlektajas t’forici sa vu ebli t’i patse kai falice. mwa panyas, ayidi ej, car [spag’ konoserne l’ajas da vu brahi t’avi t’magi l’chlektajas forici].

English: Your light is my light, and it repels the wickedness. I call to my panyas for assistance. Lu Cia, light is able to exist because of you. Help me, if you will. Kojma, do not let the wickedness happening to me to continue infecting you with its wickedness, help me if you will. Sayari, our mother, you are my home and my caregiver. Help me if you will. Karichna, our mother, help me. Your daughter-family is causing wickedness for me. Sapyana, may your wickedness end so you may be peaceful and happy. My mothers, help me, because [talk about the things you need to make the wickedness go away]

Remember in the Krechkluma you should focus on gaining something positive that will help in being released from the wickedness.

If it is during the Dorficluma (the shrinking of the moon, from Full Moon to New Moon again) focus on releasing the wickedness.

Light a candle for each wickedness or aspect of the wickedness’ effect on your life that you want to be rid of. Then, on paper right down that wickedness, draw it or in any other way that is meaningful to you represent that wickedness as best you can on a peice of paper. Light the paper with the candle and let it burn in your bowl of soil. As it burns, visualize your trouble going up in smoke, being converted from its current, wicked form, into a new, more pure form.

Say something similar to:

Klana: L’chlektajas da chlektmagi t’ej ici flamit, chanjanti. Na mere chwe es avi chlekte chpiratnya kai chlektdoni t’ej. l’chlekt e flamit, kai chwe magi guca pwa Sayari kai pwa che kintas Vejna kai Karichna.

English: The wickedness that has been effecting me has been burned. It has changed. No longer will its source be negatively tuned and causing wickedness. The wickedness is burnt, and will benefit Sayari and her childen, Vejna and Karichna.

Now take some time in meditation to visualize your life and your family’s life free of this wickedness. As the panyas and the helpers to help you to always keep yourself positively tuned and to make decisions, thoughts, speech and actions that will benefit the goal of warding off the wickedness and attracting positive energy, peacefulness and love.

Step #2

Proceed with your morning or night time Da’was as you always do them.

Spiritual Caffeine- How To Raise Your Spiritual Awareness – Rita

When most people work with their breath, the take deep, long inhales and exhales. This effects the body in many helpful ways. There is another type of breathing work, however, and it has its own benefits.

This will be  short post, but a helpful one.

When most people work with their breath, the take deep, long inhales and exhales. This effects the body in many helpful ways. There is another type of breathing work, however, and it has its own benefits.

It will raise your spiritual and animal awareness, activate your body and mind into an alert mode.

To do this type of breathing work, follow these simple steps (carefully, doing too much could also be bad for you). Following these steps will help you to make this Rita safely.

Step #1

Sit in a comfortable position if possible, as if you were about to mediate.

  1. Make the Hands of the Way and state your intent that the energy you are about to use is for the purpose of heightening your spiritual and your animal senses.
  2. Take one, slow and long deep breath in, visualizing an energetic light being absorbed into your nostrils. Breath slowly, and focus on the sensation of the air as it enters you. Pay attention to each sensation, in your nose, your throat, your chest.
  3. Slowly, exhale this breath while humming in a soft, low voice. Feel the vibrations in your throat and/or head (this will depend on how high or deep your voice is).
  4. Repeat this step a few times until you feel you are ready and relaxed enough to continue.

Step #2

  1. Begin breathing in and out rapidly, counting on each inhale and each exhale. Count to ten. Number one should be an inhale, 2 an exhale, 3 another inhale, and so on. All the way to ten. Each breath in and out should be quick, almost as if hyperventilating. once you have reached ten, draw in a long, slow inhale and hold it for the count of three, then exhale it slowly until the air in your lungs is emptied.
  2. Repeat again, breathing quickly in and out to the count of 10, and then slowly taking in a long inhale and holding it to the count of 3, and then slowly exhaling it again.

Step #3

Repeat Step #2 as three times. Your body should feel tingly, as your nerve senses and mental awareness have just been heightened. You have activated the spiritual and animal senses in your at a heightened level by reminding them of their need for survival.

This state brings you closer to Karichna and therefore closer to Sayari. Your body is using more energy now, and is therefore more energized. Your brain will function better for a time and be more capable of percieving things. Your alertness will increase, and so will your blood pressure.

This is a way of taking control of your vehicle and the systems that cause it to perform various functions and activating them at will. Eventually, through practice and paying attention to the sensations your body feels as you go through the process of activating this state you will be able to activate this state without the breath work.

General Purpose Rita – Raising Energy

This Rita is like the swiss army knife of Ritas, it can be used for anything and everything. It is a true, general and all purpose Rita.


This Rita is like the swiss army knife of Ritas, it can be used for anything and everything. It is a true, general and all purpose Rita.

Please understand, however, that the most effective and powerful Ritas are the ones that are designed specifically for an intended purpose, and much more so if the Rita was designed by you.

This, however, should work fine for most people as a quick, general purpose Rita if time doesn’t allow or the need is too urgent. The direction of the energy and intent is up to you, and with these general purpose Ritas it is important that you keep very aware that your intent is extremely important. Focus will help, and lack of focus may completely negate all of your actions if not careful.

General Rita Step #1

  1. Begin this Rita with the Klana Manas, the Hands of The Way.
  2. Hold a small stone in the palm of your hand (the one you feel is the most dominant hand, or the one you feel would most comfortably send out energy)
  3. say:

    klana: ci da dorfboja haladi l’chpiratnya j’doni t’es

    english: this stone stores the energy that I give it

  4. While thinking of your intent for the rita, embed the stone with energy.

General Rita Step #2

  1. Once the stone is embedded with energy, say:

    klana: ijichta da haladi ci da dorfboja chwe avi l’vana l’chpiratnya ine s’e doni

    english: anyone who carries this stone will recieve the intent the energy of this stone provides

  2. close your eyes and imagine the holder of the stone (the intended holder) recieving the intention of the Rita. Focus on not only the reception of the intention and the realization of the intention, but also on how you as well as the intended feel about it. Focus also on the results that the fulfilled intention will have on both yourself and the intended (if the two are different).
  3. Make the Hands of the Way again in conclusion of the Rita

General Rita Step #3

  1. Give the stone to the intended and once done, make the Hands of the Way again,

    klana: mwa vana ici

    english: my intention is fulfilled.




Klana Manas Rita: The Hands of The Way

The Hands of The Way is a very small Rita that we use to initiate and to conclude our prayers and our Ritas.

The Hands of The Way is a very small Rita that we use to initiate and to conclude our prayers and our Ritas. Its purpose is three-fold:

  1. To add energy to the Rita or prayers
  2. To connect our selves, our energy and mind to the Klana Way
  3. To solidify the philosophies of the Klana Way in our subconscious

When we make the Klana Manas, we are putting physical action together with verbal action and mental/energetic action. This corresponds with the Three Pillars of Klana, which are Family, Speech and Action.

When making the Klana Manas we are devoting that moment of our existence to Family, and we are doing so with our Actions and our Speech.  By devoting ourselves to Family we are honoring Sayari by showing love and appreciation for all that she has given to us.

How Do You Make The Hands of The Way?

It is really, really simple and can be done in three simple steps.

Step 1

Touching your heart with the palm of your open hand, say:

Klana: ciame wa klana

English: Forever our Family

The reason that we touch our hearts while we make this step of the Klana Manas is because Family is close to our hearts. We have one another’s love, loyalty and devotion. 

Step 2

Next,  touching your lips with your pointer and middle fingers, say:

Klana: wa spaga

English: Our Speech

We touch our lips while making this step of the Klana Manas to solidify the connection between our words and our mouths, taking responsibility for the things we use our words to do and acknowledging our ownership of the things that we speak.

Step 3

Touch your forehead, around the location of your minds eye (the indentation above your nose, between your eyes). If you need help finding it, use energy to find it. Hover your finger above your nose and between your eyes and search for the area where you feel the tingling.

Where is the third eye? To find where the mind's eye is, look above your nose and between your eyes. There you will find your mind's eye.
Where is the third eye? To find where the mind’s eye is, look above your nose and between your eyes. There you will find your mind’s eye.

Touching this area with the same pointer and middle fingers, say:

Klana: kai wa vya

English: and Our Way

We touch our mind’s eye while making this step to connect to the fact that our way is beyond pure action. It exists in a spiritual manner as well as a worldly manner. To follow our way is to live our lives according to our way, which requires more than devotion of our physical selves, but also our spiritual selves as well.

What Does The Klana Manas Mean?

It seems to be a bit of an incomplete sentence, does it not? Forever our family, our speech and our way?

It is, and it isn’t. It is meant to be that way.

In one way, it is a complete concept. Forever our family, our speech and our way. May they live on, may they be healthy, good and peaceful.

In another sense, it is intentionally incomplete. Our entire lives are one big Rita. In the fact that we exist alone we are honoring our Great Mother Sayari. By focusing our existence on existing in a peaceful, happy manner, we are also honoring L’cia, existence itself.

Why Do We Begin and End Prayers With The Hands Of The Way?

Simply put, it is adding additional energy to the prayers or Rita when made in the beginning, and adding additional energy to the carrying out of the prayers or Rita when made at the conclusion.

It also tunes our subconscious and points its gaze towards the Way. Face it, we, as human beings, need to work to keep our minds on what we want. We are often fickle creatures. We are easily distracted.


And you know what? That’s OK!

30 Day Devotional To Sayari

In a 30 day devotional to Sayari, each day will begin with devotion to Sayari.

Guest Post From Aya Ruje of Klana Ruje


I would like to first start off this post with a bit about myself. Things have been hectic for our family, to say the least. We are dealing with a lot of worldly things right now. We haven’t been free of stress, and it has not only seeped into our spiritual life, but it has distinctly flavored it. Soon, you will see posts about my efforts to retune our families energy, especially since I plan to post much more with Michelle’s site.

One of these ideas I have for retuning our energy a 30 day devotional to Sayari. I haven’t worked out all of the details yet, however I also acknowledge the ability to wing it. I am not a fan of winging it though. I am much too calculated of a person.

What Is A 30 Day Devotional To Sayari?

Well, a devotional is a ritual devotion. In a 30 day devotional to Sayari, each day will begin with devotion to Sayari. I feel that I am being compelled to make 3 actionable offerings to Sayari each day.

In my mind, an actionable offering is something other than an object offering. Sure, offering fruit is an offering and their is nothing wrong with that. I feel that there is more energy potential in an actionable offering, where my offering is the completion of some type of action.

So far, I have received two great suggestions for actionable offerings. These are:

  • Energetic Offerings
  • Caring For A Plant

Caring for a plant would be an ongoing thing, so I would work that out in the following way. One day for my actionable offering I would place a plant on our Sayari Shrine (once I make one for our new home, of course). From that point on, caring for that plant would count for the offering of the day I placed the plant on the shrine. Watering it and grooming it each day would not be considered an offering for that day.

Energetic Offerings

These are much more simple than you would expect, especially for something with such a name. Anyone could make an energetic offering. I could play the Ukulele at the shrine with the intent of spending the energy in honor of our Great Mother. I could meditate and offer the energy used in meditation to her. I could exercise and offer Her that energy.


A Different Offering Each Day

As my reasoning behind doing a 30 Day Devotional to Sayari is to do some major retuning of not only my energy but our whole families energy, it seems fitting that each day my actionable offering be unique.

I have 2 ideas so far for offerings, leaving me with 28 more to think of.

What Ideas Do You Have For Actionable Offerings For a 30 Day Devotional To 

A Simple Healing Rita

Learn a simple healing rita to help you heal yourself from negatively tuned chpiratnya.

A simple healing ritual to retune your chpiratnya

Negative, hateful, non peaceful and unhappy feelings not only cause negatively tuned Chpiratnya but are also a result of negatively tuned Chpiratnya.

When someone causes you to feel negative emotions, it means that they are also experiencing negative tuning. Their tuning can effect yours, especially if you are of the same family or live in the same hearth.

This simple Rita is a way to take care of your chpiratnya and retune it to a more positive way.

What You Need

  • A candle
  • A stone
  • A bowl of sayari water
  • Anything else you feel would help, relaxing incense, etc
  • To Be Naked

First off, choose a space for this Rita that is clean and gives you positive feelings. The area you make the rita shouldn’t be adding to your negative tuning. Ideally, it should add to it. The family shrine or a Sayari shrine are ideal places for this. Outside, beneath a tree is another great place. Just choose anywhere that makes you feel good, or at least, makes you feel better.

You should also ensure that you will be undisturbed for the duration of the Rita. It can take as long as you would like. The more energy that you put into your rita the more effective it will be.

Healing Rita – Step 1

First, make sure that you have everything that you need. Make sure that you have your candle, a way to light the candle, a stone, and a bowl of water. Make sure you have anything else you need or want as well.

  1. Light the candle, saying to yourself (or out loud, which is preferred):

Klana: J’flami ci da lumdonaja kune l’vana t’gucmagi mwa chpiratnya

English: I light this candle with the intent of positively tuning my energy

2. Focus on the flame of the candle for a while, breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly. As you breathe in, say:

Klana: j’Inbrejanti guca, patsa kai falica

English: I am breathing in wellness, peace and happiness

As you breathe out, say:

Klana: j’ausbrejanti chlekta, anpatsa kai anfalica

English: I am breathing out negativity, malice and unhappiness

Do this for a while until you feel more relaxed, all the while keeping your intent on performing these actions in the name of retuning your energy to a more positive way.

Healing Rita – Step 2

  1. Next, take the bowl of water into your hands, and declare that you intend this water to represent purification, cleansing and the changing of negative to positive.


Klana: ci da agwa j’spagi e gucmaganti kai chlektformaganti

English: I say that this water is purifying and repelling of negativity

Now, use your imagination to visualize the purifying power of the water. You can do this by visualizing a glow of white energy, blue energy or any color that to you says, “I will make things better”.

You could also visualize the water being poured into the bowl by the Great Mother Sayari herself, as she tells you that this purifying water will wash away your negativity.

2. Now, take your fingers and dip them into the water, saying something like:

Klana: j’inpoji mwa ingrafas te l’agwa kai j’intigi l’gucmagajas es doni t’ej

English: I place my fingers in the water and receive the positive it gives to me

Now, more visualization. Visualize the positive energy contained within the water being soaked up by your fingers, and travelling from your fingertips all the way up your body. Try to feel this as it happens. With practice you will get better at visualizing sensations. Successfully feeling it as if it were a physical sensation doesn’t have to happen, remember what is important is the intent you are putting into your actions.

3. Wet your hands with the sayari water and wet your body with it. Wet your face, your neck, chests, arms, stomache, legs and feet. Pay specific attention to any parts of your body that you feel may be related to your negative tuning. For example, say someone pinched your arm, you may put more focus onto that arm when you get to it.

Each time you re-wet your hands and wet your body with them, say:

Klana: l’gucagwa gucmagi ej

English: This Water of Goodness is Giving Me Positive Energy

Healing Rita – Step 3

  1. After you have washed yourself in the positive energy and healing power of the sayari water, it is time to release any left over negative energy into the stone.

Hold the stone in the palm of whichever hand you feel better releasing energy with.

Visualize your negative energy being absorbed by the stone. Say:

Klana: ci da dorfboja intigi mwa chlekte chpiratnya, jis j’na avi ayine mere

English: This stone absorbs my negative energy until I don’t have any more

Remember, the more time and energy you put into these steps, the more intent you are focusing into the rita and the more effective it will become.

2. Once you are satisfied with your release of your negative energy into the stone, drop it into the bowl of sayari water.


Klana: Nun l’gucagwa gucmagi l’chpiratnya di l’dorfboja

English: Now this healing water of goodness is making the negativity in this stone go away

Visualize the negative energy being absorbed from the stone by the water. Visualize the water changing as it absorbs the negative energy. One the water has absorbed all of the negative energy, visualize the water neutralizing the negative energy, converting it to positive energy. Visualize the changes in the water in any way that you wish. I like to use changes in color.

3. Once the negative energy has all been converted to positive energy, lift the bowl to your mouth and say:

Klana: l’agwa di l’sayari-vuma gucmagi cia chpiratnya kai doni t’ej l’viva. j’chlanji da guca kai da viva vananti che donajas.

English: The Water of Sayari’s Womb purifies all energy and gives to me life. I drink this goodness and this life she gives to me in acceptance.

Now drink the purified water, and feel the positive energy it contains being absorbed into your body. Drink it slowly, so that you may pay attention to every sensation that you experience as sayari’s water and the positive energy it contains becomes a part of your body. feel as the energy of the water becomes one with your energy, feel it enter you body and feel your body accept.

4. Once the water is all drank and the bowl contains just the little stone which has been purified of negative energy, place the bowl down and return your gaze to the flame of the candle.

Breath in and out deeply again, slowly. Pay attention to the way that it feels to breathe. Remind yourself that your ability to breathe provides you the ability to experience pleasure and happiness.

Thank Sayari for being a loving mother, and perhaps spend some time visualizing spending time with her. When you are done, blow out the candle, and say:

Klana: Se j’falici, se j’patsi, j’ebli falicfaizi kai krechki same flura. kai cia cirkaue ej, cia mwa klanichtas, chwe gucavi car mwa patsa. lasi j’ciame memori da se j’falici o se j’anfalici pyendi va j’magi nun. lasi j’ciame denihi guce kai jamile denihas. lasi j’ciame spagi guce kai jamile spagas. lasi j’ciame magi guce kai jamile magas. lasi cia ichtas avi guca, patsa kai falica.

English: If I am happy, if I am peaceful, I can smile and blossom like a flower. And everyone around me, and everyone in my family, will benefit from my peace. May I always remember that my happiness or my misery depend on what i do now. May I always think pure and beautiful thoughts. May I always speak pure and beautiful words, and may I always do pure and beautiful deeds. May all beings be well, happy and peaceful.