Ritas – The Klana Way of Directing Energy

Learn about Klana Ritas, Chpiratyna, Energy, and focusing your intent.


What Is A Rita In The Klana Way?

A rita is a way to generate, flavor and direct Chpiratnya, or energy.

Its primary tool is intent. Whenever you do something and focus on what you are doing and why you are doing it, you are putting your life energy, your chpiratnya, into the task. This has many effects, one of which is the conditioning of your subconscious mind to being open to the results of that task.

Think about the task of drawing a bird. If you don’t focus on drawing a bird, you just draw a bird to get the task of drawing a bird done, you won’t likely have drawn a very good bird. Especially compared to the bird you would likely have drawn if you focused on creating a good drawing of a bird.

If you focused your intent on creating the best drawing of a bird that you could, you will have spent your energy creating the best drawing of a bird that you could. The result will truly be the best drawing of a bird that you could in that moment.

Now, imagine that each day, three times a day, you sat down and focused your intent to drawing the best bird that you can, and you put your energy into drawing that bird. Each day, your bird drawing will get better as your practice pays off.

This is the basic idea behind a Rita. You are focusing your intent on a result, and you are putting energy into achieving that result. You are training yourself and tuning your chpiratnya to being open to that result.

The stronger your intent and the more energy you put into it, the better the results will be.

Desire, Intent and Energy

The more you want to accomplish something, the more intent you will be able to put into the task. The more intent you put into a task, the stronger the energy that you put into the task will be.

You must make sure that your focus is strong. The more focused you are on the task the more effectively you will be able to pour your energy into it.

In the Klana, we do certain things  to add to our focus. We use candles and symbols and other things that have meaning to us in order to set the mood of our intent, to keep our minds on the intent, and to direct our energy into the task.

By generating energy in the name of accomplishing the task, we are increasing our likelihood of success with that task.

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