What Is Chpiratyna in The Klana Way and Sayari Paganism?

Learn about Chpiratnya, or Life Energy and what it means for you.


All things consist of energy. This energy is the primal force behind all existence. All things exist because this energy exists. We call this energy Chpiratnya. This Energy is what we call the 5th element, in addition to Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Other cultures call this energy by different names. Some call it soul, other call it ki or chi.

When our universe was born, so was existence within our universe. The first thing to exist was Chpiratnya. Imagine this energy as a huge field of energy. Call it the All Energy, or The Energy, whatever you wish. This is the energy from which all is made.

It is both a spiritual Energy and a bio-energy. When Klana Aja was born, so was Chpiratnya. Consider Chpiratnya to be the soul, spirit or life energy of Aja.  When Aja gave birth to Kojma, all of the planets and other objects in our universe that exist were born. These objects are cells of the body of Kojma. If you haven’t already read about the Klanas, you may want to.

Kojma’s energy isn’t her own energy. It isn’t separate from Aja’s energy. The earth, the moon, the sun, each star, these are all part of Kojma’s body. When Kojma was born, a part of Aja’s Energy became Kojma. It didn’t seperate from Aja, some of it just became Kojma. Imagine your hand becoming your child, but without leaving your arm. It is (kind of) the same concept.

So the energy that is contained within each planet, and star and meteor is Kojma and is also Aja. The one is the other, and the one comes from the other.

Sayari is one of Kojma’s daughters. Sayari’s Energy is the same as Kojma’s Energy. A portion of Kojma’s Energy is contained within Sayari, just the same as Kojma’s energy is the same as Aja’s energy.

All of Sayari’s children and grand children likewise are made of portions of Sayari’s Energy, and also Kojma’s and also Aja’s.

Karichna didn’t take some of Sayari’s Energy when she was born, on the contrary. It was never Sayari’s Energy in the first place. It is the Energy of Aja, yet it isn’t the property of Aja. The Energy just is.  That’s it.

When we humans have children, we share our Energy with them. In this way, we are all connected. All of our Energy, all of what we call our individual souls or spirits, are not really individual.

Rather, we have a consciousness because the Chpiratnya, the Energy, that makes us be is fitted with some great hardware that gives it some cool abilities. Our energy has access to  a human’s brain, which lets us do all kinds of things with our energy.

This Energy, or Chpiratnya, as we say in Klana, is the spiritual/energetic core of our universe. Of all life and of all things that exist. View the word Chpiratyna and Energy to be the same as the word soul or spirit.

Rocks, most people don’t typically see them as being conscious. Nor as having souls. However, rocks contain the same energy that we do, the same material that we tend to view as our souls. Rocks have souls to, then. At least when you put it in such misleading simplified terms as that.

Rocks exist because they contain the same energy that allows them to be as we do. However, rocks do not have a human brain with which to process thought and do all of the things that humans do. They do not have legs to move. A rock is a rock. Yet, it is spiritually equal to us, universally equal to us. As the same thing that powers us powers that rock.

Equality and worth and value aren’t determined by ability. They are determined by existence. All that exists is an energetic being and is equal to all else that exists.

Another way to look at it is that our consciousness is just a small part of a universal consciousness. The All, L’Cia in Klana. We are borrowed energy.

This energy is contained within our physical matter, and when our bodies decompose and become one with Sayari again, our energy borrowed from her returns to her. Some of this energy will be absorbed by grass, flowers and herbs and trees. The trees will produce apples which will be eating by humans, dogs and horses. Our energy will be absorbed by them and become one with their energy. There will be no way of telling which energy came from you and which was already there. The energy is not separate like that.


Fire: The Elements Of The Klana Way

The Fire Element Is One Of The Sacred Elements Of The Klana Way

Fire As A Sacred Element Of The Klana Way

As far as I know, every tradition of paganism includes the elements. The Klana Way is no exception.  So what is the element of fire and what is its significance?

Fire represents many things, including:

  • life, warmth, transformation, change, and life energy
  • passion, desire and comfort

How Is Fire Created?

Fire is created when wood or another fuel is heated. This heat can come from friction, the sun, or any other source of heat. When the wood is heated to around 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the molecules of the wood start to release a gas. We see this happen in the form of smoke. This smoke is made of Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen. The wood that doesn’t convert to smoke forms a substance called Char which is essentially pure Carbon. The nonburnable substances in the wood become Ash.

These chemical reactions produce a lot of heat. When the heat is hot enough, it will produce flames.

The Element of Fire Is Sacred In The Klana Way. Sayari Paganism recognizes the sacred importance of fire and the role the fire element plays in life.
The Element of Fire Is Sacred In The Klana Way. Sayari Paganism recognizes the sacred importance of fire and the role the fire element plays in life.

Food For The Fires

Fires need fuel and oxygen to survive. Many Native Americans considered the fire to be a living being. They believed that the requirements for a living being were the need to consume something to sustain life and the ability to make more of itself. Fire has both of those traits.

Fires must breath, remove the oxygen and the fire will die. Fires also need to eat. Feeding the fire wood or other fuel types provides the fire the nutrients it needs to live.

Explained the Klana Way, fire needs Sayari’s breath, the oxygen breathed out by trees and other members of Klana Vejna. Just like we do.

Also, just like humans and other members of Klana Karichna, fire create Carbon Dioxide. They breath in, or consume, Oxygen and breath out, or release, Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is needed by Klana Vejna to survive.

Fire must eat just like humans must eat. It also breathes in and out like humans do. The Klana Way knows this and considers fire to be one of the 5 sacred elements.
Fire must eat just like humans must eat. It also breathes in and out like humans do. The Klana Way knows this and considers fire to be one of the 5 sacred elements.

The Role Of Fire

Fire represents life energy due to its many relations with creation and life. Fire, like all life, is part of the interconnectedness of all things. Fire is supported by Klana Vejna, like all of Klana Karichna, and it supports Klana Vejna as well.

Fire is used by humans (Klana Sapyana) to keep warm, cook food, make certain tools and many other things. There is no doubt that fire is as sacred as all life, as it is part of the interdependent way of existence. All things depend on eachother.

Fire represents the desire for survival, for life and for comfort. It represents passion and warmth. In this way, we use fire to represent strong desires.

Fire can be used for negative or positive. Some people have used fire to do terrible things, like burning down villages or causing death and destruction. This is not the fire’s fault, it is merely doing what fire does in the places that people have put it.