Learn To Speak Klana Lesson #1: Pronunciation

Learn how to pronounce the Klana Language vowels and consonants, plus learn a few words and simple sentences!


lerni klanaspaga – lernaja #1 – ausspaga

The Klana language isn’t hard, but it isn’t necessarily easy either. It is technically a constructed language as far as I know. I know someone who speaks it much much better than I, and their entire Hearth uses it for daily communication. I truly admire the Ruje family.

They speak Klana with Klanichtas, and the language of the area when talking to non-klanichtas. I consider myself to be quite well with klana, these folks however… if you only knew.

Word is that one of them is planning on uploading videos to YouTube in the near future. Let us hope so!


I really really want them to XD



Ok, so back to pronouncing Klana. It’s pretty simple. So let us start with the vowels, A E I O and U

How To Pronounce Vowels In The Klana Language

Unlike in English, the letter Y is never used as a vowel

always has the sound of the “O” in bot or hot.

has a sound half way between the  in them and the ey in they, unless at the end of a word, it is a long sound like an emphasized version of the ey they. When the letter appears by itself, it sounds the way it does when not at the end of a word.

always sounds like the ee in feet.

always sounds like the oa in boat.

always sounds like the oo in boot.

When you see two vowels together, like these:

AI always sounds like the English word eye.

AU always sounds like the OW in cow.

How To Pronounce Consonants In Klana

This is where pronouncing Klana can be a bit difficult, especially for an English speaker. It has a few sounds not found in English.

Let’s start with the things that sound like you would expect them to.

B, D, F, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, T, W, Y, Z   These all sound like you would expect them to sound in English.

You may have notice that quite a few letters were missing up there, notably:

C, G, H, J,  and V.

Note that the following letter aren’t used in Klana: Q and X

The Letter C always sounds like the CH in CHip.

When you see the letters CH written in a word, that is the same as the English SH. It sounds like the SH in SHip.

The letter always sounds like the the Arabic letter ghain or similar to the french r in au revoir.

The letter is a gutteral H, very aspirated and made by pushing a lot of air into the pronunciation of your H.

The letter is a difficult one to explain.

Think about the word MEASURE.  The S in meaSure is kind of like a very soft J sound. The J in klana is like a very soft version of that. So it is twice as soft as the sound represented by S in measure. 

The  in klana is also very soft. You make an English V sound by pressing you upper teeth against your bottom lip. In klana, you do kind of the same but you don’t really press hard at all. In fact, the Rujichtas say that they don’t even touch their upper teeth to the bottom lip at all. These say they “fake” the v sound kind of like the way a “t” sound can be faked think of a british person saying little, but it really is a bad example)

When you see a KH this is a gutteral K sound. You make the K sound, but put some distortion into it.


Practice with these basic words:

ej – I, me

vu – you

um – they, them, gender neutral pronoun

e – is, am, are

guce – well, good, fine

na – no, not

with these words you can even make some simple sentences:

ej e guce* = I am good

e vu guce = Are you ok? (Are you good/well/fine?)


ej e na guce* = I am not good (i’m not ok/well/fine)

* while ej e guce is technically correct, it isn’t spoken or written that way.

it would be spoken and written j’e guce = I am good.

with verbs used with ej, the e is dropped and the “j” sound is just added before the verb.

j’e na guce = i am not ok


And That’s It For Now For Learning How To Pronounce The Klana Language!

I hope I didn’t do too bad of a job explaining things, and I hope my post doesn’t look to ugly.

Learn To Speak The Klana Language

Information about how to learn to speak the Klana Language.

UPDATE: 15 JAN 2017

I have put off work on the PDF for the time being. Don’t worry, I will be updating the blog with lessons on the Klana language. The first lesson, about pronouncing the Klana language is up.


Don’t worry, as soon as I am done with the PDF I will put it up here 🙂

The Klana Language

Learn about the origins of the Klana Language and Sayari Paganism

What Is The Klana Language

The Klana Language is a language designed specifically to express the ideas and concepts of Sayari Paganism and the Klana Way. There are some aspects of Klana that are difficult to express in most langauges.

For example, in Sayari Paganism the concepts of gender and sex are seperate. In Sayari Paganism, one can be of a female gender while at the same time being of the male sex.

The same is true for the reverse as well as for the middle. One can be of neither male or female gender while being of male or female sex. One can also be of both male and female genders while being either of male or female sex.

To make it even less clear, one can also be of both male and female sex.

Sex refers to physical features, your reproductive organs. While most humans are born as either male or female sex, there are some who are born as both. These are called in English “hermaphrodites” and has developed a negative energy to the word.

In Klana, we call determine whether someone is male or female by whether their gender is male or female. Not by their body parts. All beings are equal, and body parts do not have any real significant meaning, aside from which role is taken during reproduction.

They have no significance with which role is taking during love making, at least not after you remove all of the unwarranted and hateful taboos attached to things by society.

In Klana, you can have a “male” body but have a female mind. In Klana this makes you female. You can also be male and have a “female” body.

In the Klana language we call female kawena and male kanina. We call the equal combination of these two mila.

We call the the lack of both a female and male mind anmila, and it represents its own gender.

There are some instances of Klana Karichna where some animals are born mila bodiyit, or mila body. In English this is called Hermaphrodite. Some of these mila bodiyitichtas  are even capable of self fertilization. Meaning that while being both male and female in body, they can impregnate themselves.

Gender is easier to express in the Klana Language

This is just one of many examples of ways the Klana language makes it easier to express Klana concepts.

Where Did The Klana Language Come From?

This is the version that I was tought about who made the Klana Language and why. About ten years ago, a family in the country side of Michigan let a few people stay with them on their farm. These people helped out on the farm in exchange for free room and board.

The family called themselves Klana Voyichta, which means Family of the Way in the Klana Language. I was taught that it was Klana Voyichta who created the language as a means easily expressing their way of seeing the world and also as a way of creating a family identity for themselves.

The people who stayed with them on their farm, a husband and a wife if I remember correctly, weren’t exactly pagans, but they weren’t christians, either. They really didn’t consider spirituality or religion in any way.

Eventually, after they got used to the strange Klana Voyichta, they had begun to pick up on the language and that impressed the pagan farmers. The husband and wife had grown very curious about them and their way, and before long, they became the first people to adopt the religion of Klana Voyichta.

The husband and wife named their family Klana Brejichta, which means Family of People Who Breathe. The Brejichtas copied down into their own book the contents of the Lumkitab (book of light) that the Voyichtas had been compiling.

The Book of Light is similar to a Wiccan book of Shadows, however it may span several books and is usually very specific to each individual family.

I suppose from their, the Klana Way has slowly spread. My mother also told me that she heard that the Voyichtas moved to Alaska and live entirely off grid now. Sounds awesome.

How Does One Learn The Klana Language?

As far as I know the only texts that teach the Klana language are in the Lumkitab. Since this is a handwritten book that is copied down by each family, I am unsure if any portions of it have been published.

I have been slowly working on PDF, “Learn To Speak The Klana Language” and I will upload it when it is finished.