30 Day Devotional To Sayari

In a 30 day devotional to Sayari, each day will begin with devotion to Sayari.


Guest Post From Aya Ruje of Klana Ruje


I would like to first start off this post with a bit about myself. Things have been hectic for our family, to say the least. We are dealing with a lot of worldly things right now. We haven’t been free of stress, and it has not only seeped into our spiritual life, but it has distinctly flavored it. Soon, you will see posts about my efforts to retune our families energy, especially since I plan to post much more with Michelle’s site.

One of these ideas I have for retuning our energy a 30 day devotional to Sayari. I haven’t worked out all of the details yet, however I also acknowledge the ability to wing it. I am not a fan of winging it though. I am much too calculated of a person.

What Is A 30 Day Devotional To Sayari?

Well, a devotional is a ritual devotion. In a 30 day devotional to Sayari, each day will begin with devotion to Sayari. I feel that I am being compelled to make 3 actionable offerings to Sayari each day.

In my mind, an actionable offering is something other than an object offering. Sure, offering fruit is an offering and their is nothing wrong with that. I feel that there is more energy potential in an actionable offering, where my offering is the completion of some type of action.

So far, I have received two great suggestions for actionable offerings. These are:

  • Energetic Offerings
  • Caring For A Plant

Caring for a plant would be an ongoing thing, so I would work that out in the following way. One day for my actionable offering I would place a plant on our Sayari Shrine (once I make one for our new home, of course). From that point on, caring for that plant would count for the offering of the day I placed the plant on the shrine. Watering it and grooming it each day would not be considered an offering for that day.

Energetic Offerings

These are much more simple than you would expect, especially for something with such a name. Anyone could make an energetic offering. I could play the Ukulele at the shrine with the intent of spending the energy in honor of our Great Mother. I could meditate and offer the energy used in meditation to her. I could exercise and offer Her that energy.


A Different Offering Each Day

As my reasoning behind doing a 30 Day Devotional to Sayari is to do some major retuning of not only my energy but our whole families energy, it seems fitting that each day my actionable offering be unique.

I have 2 ideas so far for offerings, leaving me with 28 more to think of.

What Ideas Do You Have For Actionable Offerings For a 30 Day Devotional To 

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