Klana Karichna: The Klanas of Sayari

Learn about Sayari Paganism, The Klana Way and Mother Karichna.


Sayari is the mother of Karichna, who formed in her womb a very, very long time ago. Karichna began life as the single celled organisms from which all of Klana Karichna began.

Karichna herself has two children. One of her children was Sapyana, mother of the human animals. Her other child is Vejna, mother of trees and other plant life.

Mother Karichna is the mother of Sapyana, the mother of humans.
Mother Karichna is the mother of Sapyana, the mother of the humans.

As humans, our family mother is Karichna, and we are a part of Klana Karichna (klana means family in the Klana Language). We are the Karichna’s children, and all of her other children are our brothers and sisters.

All of Klana Karichna has a symbiotic relationship with eachother, as well as a symbiotic relationship with Klana Vejna.

What Klana Karichna breathes out is needed by Klana Vejna to breathe in. The same is in reverse, what Klana Vejna breathes out, Klana Karichna must breathe in to live.

Likewise, Karichna and Vejna’s children working together like this is required for our Great Mother Sayari’s health. The life supporting atmosphere that we all enjoy exists because of a delicate balance of chemicals, of which the exhales of Klana Karichna and Klana Vejna play an important role.

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