Order of the Klanichtas

The Worldly Side of the Klana Way


When we say order we don’t mean it in the way the English language usually uses it. It doesn’t so much mean a society, or a group. It does, but there is a subtle difference in meaning here that I will attempt to explain.

What Is A Klanichta

Also called Voyichtas, Klanichtas follow a religion called loosely called Sayari Paganism. Mostly, it is just called The Way, The Sayari Way, and most often, the Klana Way.

While the term Sayari Paganism focuses on the spiritual side of the Klana Way, of which it is a definite part of, the Klana Way incorporates more than just a spirituality.

Klana Means Family

There are three ways the word Klana is used by Klanichtas.

  1. As the name of our way
  2. As the name of our language
  3. As a word meaning family

If you read about the Klanas you will see that our story of creation is told using characters and families. It is essentially the same story you will here scientists tell you, it is just presented in a different way. We use Aja, Kojma, Sayari, Karichna and Vejna to represent the Life Energy at various levels of creation. We view them as beings, the same as you and I are a being. The same as a rock is a being.

We take the word being very literal. To be a being, the most important thing you need to do is…well.. be. All things that exist are made up of Chpiratnya or Energy.

Just as we view each star and planet as cells of Kojma’s body, each member of our family is a cell of the body of that family. Parts of whole that is just a part of another whole, and so on and so on and so on.

Klanichtas aren’t so general and vague with the word family as many others are. We distinguish between family and relative (klana and blota).

What Is A Family?

A Family consists of panyas (parents) and kintas (their children). These children don’t have to necessarily be made by the panyas to be considered their kintas. The terms panya and kinta are titles, kind of like ranks of the klana.

Adopting someone into your klana would cause them to be a kinta of your klana. Whether they are 10 or 50. Until they create a child of their own or adopt someone into the klana (with the permission of every panya)  they will remain a kinta.

Panyas are the families leaders, the heads of the family. Their job is to care for and protect the family and make sure that the family is safe, happy and together. They ensure that food, water, warmth and shelter are all provided. They provide for all of the needs and the wants of the family.

The kintas are responsible for helping the panyas. In fact, every klanichta has equal responsibility to their family, within their abilities. For this reason, it is common that children are taught useful skills such as gardening, cooking and other crafts.

The Klana Way is to live as natural of lives as possible. In today’s society, humans are controlled by a few rich, powerful elite. These elite employ one super effective strategy best of all. Control access to food, water and shelter.

These are things that Sayari provides for free, and has done for countless time. Now, the ruling humans require that we pay for them. They genetically modify veggies so that they do not grow seeds. Where your home stands now was likely filled to the brim with food 5 thousand years ago.

So Klanichtas learn as much as they can, and strive to get all that they need from Sayari and to make the things that they want. We do this instead of putting more energy into the system of money that has caused such a lack of care for others in the world.

We strive to need as little money as we can. Each klana is a nation in exile. We do not recognize any authority, and have no politics. We do however recognize the threat and danger that those who claim to own and control present to us, and do what we can to not provoke them. We work hard to be in their world, but not of their world.

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