Rita To Protect From Wickedness : A Sepina

A Sepina Rita For Warding Off Wickedness


There is no hiding the fact that their is wickedness in the world. It wouldn’t even be possible. Maybe, you could choose the path of ignorance and ignore the evidence, but that isn’t the Klana Way. No, the Klana Way is to recognize the wickedness in the world and to stay very, very far away from it.

Sometimes, though, that wickedness finds you. Sometimes in comes into your life and grabs hold with harmful talons that can poison your family’s chpiratnya and leave you all completely out of tune.

So here is a Rita to protect each member of your family from wickedness.

What is a Sepina?

Think of it as kind of like a novena, a prayer said for 9 days in a row. A sepina is said for 7 days, a whole week, in the morning and the night. This goes on for as many weeks as it takes.

A sepina uses the phases of moon as a guidance for the rita.

Essentially, during the Krechkluna (when the moon on its journey from New Moon to Full Moon) you focus your Sepina Rita on gaining positives, whether they be gaining positive events or states of mind or just positive tuning.

For example, say your Sepina Rita is being dedicated to help you overcome your habit of resorting to insults when you are angry or offended, during the Krechkluna you would focus on gaining something that would help with that endevour. Such as patience, compassion or forgiveness.

Make a list of all of the things you want to gain during this phase of the Sepina Rita, and during your rita every morning and every night light a candle dedicated each item on your list and say a prayer, asking Lu Cia, Kojma, Sayari, Karichna and Sapyana for help with each one.

Basic Sepina Rita To Ward Off Wickedness Steps

These steps are performed every day for seven days in the morning and then again at night before bed.

Step #1

At the families shrine, sit, kneel or stand. Whichever is the way you do things. Breath in and out slowly and deeply to induce a relaxed state. With each inhale, visualize that the outcomes you seek have materialized as energy which you are now breathing in. Breathe in your goal, achieve it and make it one with you.

When you breath out, feel the weight that achieving your goals has lifted off of you.

If the moon is growing (best to start this on a new moon) then light a candle for each wickedness you intend to ward off. When you light each candle, say something similar:

Klana: Vwa lum e mwa lum, kai es formagi l’chlekt. j’voci t’mwa panyas pwa ayida. Lu cia, lum ebli t’i car vu. Ayidi ej se vu van. Kojma, na lasi l’chlektajas akiranti t’ej merchlektmagi vu, ayidi ej se vu van. Sayari, wa panya, vu e mwa ham kai  brahajdonichta.  Ayidi ej se vu van. karichna, wa panya, ayida ej. Vwa kinta-klana e chlektmaganti pwa ej. Sapyana, ebli vwa chlektajas t’forici sa vu ebli t’i patse kai falice. mwa panyas, ayidi ej, car [spag’ konoserne l’ajas da vu brahi t’avi t’magi l’chlektajas forici].

English: Your light is my light, and it repels the wickedness. I call to my panyas for assistance. Lu Cia, light is able to exist because of you. Help me, if you will. Kojma, do not let the wickedness happening to me to continue infecting you with its wickedness, help me if you will. Sayari, our mother, you are my home and my caregiver. Help me if you will. Karichna, our mother, help me. Your daughter-family is causing wickedness for me. Sapyana, may your wickedness end so you may be peaceful and happy. My mothers, help me, because [talk about the things you need to make the wickedness go away]

Remember in the Krechkluma you should focus on gaining something positive that will help in being released from the wickedness.

If it is during the Dorficluma (the shrinking of the moon, from Full Moon to New Moon again) focus on releasing the wickedness.

Light a candle for each wickedness or aspect of the wickedness’ effect on your life that you want to be rid of. Then, on paper right down that wickedness, draw it or in any other way that is meaningful to you represent that wickedness as best you can on a peice of paper. Light the paper with the candle and let it burn in your bowl of soil. As it burns, visualize your trouble going up in smoke, being converted from its current, wicked form, into a new, more pure form.

Say something similar to:

Klana: L’chlektajas da chlektmagi t’ej ici flamit, chanjanti. Na mere chwe es avi chlekte chpiratnya kai chlektdoni t’ej. l’chlekt e flamit, kai chwe magi guca pwa Sayari kai pwa che kintas Vejna kai Karichna.

English: The wickedness that has been effecting me has been burned. It has changed. No longer will its source be negatively tuned and causing wickedness. The wickedness is burnt, and will benefit Sayari and her childen, Vejna and Karichna.

Now take some time in meditation to visualize your life and your family’s life free of this wickedness. As the panyas and the helpers to help you to always keep yourself positively tuned and to make decisions, thoughts, speech and actions that will benefit the goal of warding off the wickedness and attracting positive energy, peacefulness and love.

Step #2

Proceed with your morning or night time Da’was as you always do them.

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