Sayari Gives Us What We Need

Sayari gives us what we need, and what we want we make for ourselves.


Today’s world is strange. People can starve to death. How? It isn’t by not eating. It is by not having enough money to pay for food. What? But doesn’t food come from Sayari?

Sayari Is A Nurishing Mother

The problem with Sayari freely giving us food is this: Those who claim control of everything and everyone aren’t going to make much money if you are eating for free. They don’t want that. They have spent generations building a society that depends on money. If they throw that all away now, they are no longer rich and powerful. They just exist. They become equal. Can’t have that now can we?

When I say that Sayari provides us food for free, I mean free as in she won’t charge us money. We still have to pay for it with labor though. The difference is that the reward of our labor is direct. We work for some food, and we get food. Directly equal to the work we put in.

The Klana Way is one the strives to be as close to a natural lifestyle as we can. To need as little money as we can. To provide for ourselves and be self sufficient.

Food Is Free

Potatos, vegetable, and other food from Klana Vejna grow from the ground. We don’t need to buy them to eat them. They didn’t become existing because a super market gave birth to them. No. They became existing because they exist. The super markets have them now, and the rich and powerful have all but wiped out any naturally growing food sources you could access.

Or have they?

There are ways to grow your own food still. Best start now. Best start gathering up your seeds before the rich and elite cause all seeds to be infertile and all food is factory grown.

Shelter and Land Is Free

Humans cannot own land. Nobody can own Sayari’s body. Much the same as nobody can just come up and say, “hey! Your arm belongs to me now!”

Nope. Can’t do it. What they can do, however, is harm you if you challenge their claims to ownership. They will. They will force themselves and their lies upon you and torture you. They will imprison you because you exist, through no action of theirs or your own.

You exist and you have no choice but to pay for it.

No, I don’t think so. Those who claim to own something just possess it and threaten those who try to take it with violence. Those same people will die someday, and become a part of that very land. They will become claimed by somebody else with a gun and sense of entitlement.

If you are caught living on land without paying for it, you will be subject to harm. You will be subject to the fact that others will sin against your nature for that fact alone.

Shelter is even free. There are plenty of materials to build a home out of, it just require time, labor and a little bit of skill. Anybody can learn.

Just because some humans who will one day not exist say something isn’t free, doesn’t mean it isn’t free. If all humans became extinct, and there was no more money and no more beings to use a currency, would the land stop existing? Would it become unusable?

If land and shelter isn’t free, then why aren’t the deer and the squirrels imprisoned for living on the land? Oh, they can’t use money? Yet they still use the land? So… you’re telling me that the land is free, you just want money for it and you will harm me if I don’t comply?

In The World But Not Of The World

It is dangerous to be us in this time. We have to appear to walk in their world, but really walk in ours.  We have to appease them, we have to attract as little attention to ourselves as we can so that we can practice our religion and live our way in peace.

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