Klana Rita: Making Sayari Water

A simple Klana Rita for making Sayari Water.


What Is Sayari Water?

When life on earth formed in the oceans of Sayari’s womb, it formed in water. This water is one of the strongest symbols of Sayari’s motherhood to all of life on Earth. When we talk about Sayari Water, we are talking about water that, with our intention, has been dedicated to to representing the positive energies of Sayari and of all of her children.

How Does Sayari Water Work?

Sayari Water, like all Ritas, works on the concept of intent and energy. The energy we talk about it the same energy you put into walking, drawing a picture of a bird or anything else that you do.

When you use Sayari Water in your Ritas, you get the benefit of all of the intent and energy that you put into making the Sayari Water in the Rita you are making. With time, the potency of the Sayari Water diminishes as your mind’s connection with the intent and energy you focuses into creating it diminishes. How long this takes really depends on you. Of course, the strongest Sayari Water will be what you dedicate yourself, as well as the Sayari Water you have just recently made.

How Do I Make Sayari Water

Making Sayari Water can be as simple or as involved as you want it to be. Essentially, the more energy you put into dedicating the water the more potent the Sayari Water will be.

To make Sayari Water with this simple Rita, you need:

  • A clean bowl or jar to hold the water
  • Some water, the cleaner the better (if you can get it from a river, lake, ocean or spring all the better)
  • An herb such a chamomile, garlic, onion, wood sorrel, clover, etc

Making Sayari Water – Step 1

Make sure you have everything that you need in front of you.

  1. First things first, rid yourself of any negative energies. Do this by meditating, using a simple healing rita or any way that works for you.
  2. Wash your hands in warm water with salt if you have it available. You can use soap, but I find it best to use salt as it is more natural and doesn’t contain all of the chemicals that commercial soaps have. You can also wash with onion or garlic juice from a fresh onion or garlic bulb.
  3. Heat the water as you would for preparing tea.
  4. Declare you intentions as you hold the container of water in your hands. Say:

Klana: j’namanti ci da agwa l’agwa di Sayari, l’agwa di che vivdonanti vuma. es e plenit kune gucchpiratnya kai formagi chlektajas.

English: I am dedicating this water the water of Sayari, the water of her life giving womb. It is filled with positive energy and repels negativity.

5. Now visualize the container of water radiating a positive energy. The stronger your visualization the stronger the positive energy you are generating.

Making Sayari Water – Step 2

Now add the herb you chose to the water. If you are using a fresh onion or garlic bulb, squeeze the juices from the bulb into the water, then drop whats left into the water as well.

  1. Say:

Klana: l’mejine vejnichtas doni ums gucajas t’lu sayariagwa.

English: The healing children of Vejna give their goodness to the Sayari Water.

2. While the herbs seep in the water, visualize the water radiating a positive energy. Also visualize the positive (healing, medicinal, whatever properties you are adding to the Sayari Water) energies of the herbs being absorbed into the energy of the Sayari Water.

Do this while maintaining your visualization long enough for the Sayari Water to absorb the essence of the herbs you are seeping in it. Preferably, this is when the Sayari Water has cooled to at least room temperature.


Making Sayari Water – Step 3

Now, all that is left is to declare that you intend for this Sayari Water to be a giver of positive energy.


Klana: j’spagi nun da ci da Sayari Agwa e ana donichta di gucchpiratnya.

English: I say now that this Sayari agwa is a giver of positive energy.

Thank Sayari and perhaps spend some time in meditation visualizing yourself spending time with her.

Congratulations, you have just made Sayari Water! Be sure to keep it in a container with a lid so that you can avoid anything getting inside the container and mixing with the Sayari Water.

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