Gaia as the Universe, by Áine Órga

I was suprised and happy to read this post. This persons search explained the concept of cells and parts of a whole so much better than i did.

Humanistic Paganism

Artist's Conception of a Terraformed Venus “For me, Gaia became the All.”

In developing my own non-theistic or naturalistic spirituality, the issue of deity was one of the most difficult to address.


As I wrote in my first post, the idea of nothingness – or that which is beyond infinity – is something that really captures my imagination, and trying to contemplate it generates a very powerful sense of awe for me. I spent a lot of time thinking about what deity meant for me – I had turned to atheism when I decided that I did not believe in a creator or a conscious, controlling god, or any sort of being or entity in the way that most people seem to view deity. But in a philosophical sense, I found it hard to pinpoint whether there was some other essence that transcended these aspects which could be defined as “deity”. I eventually came to…

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