A Simple Healing Rita

Learn a simple healing rita to help you heal yourself from negatively tuned chpiratnya.


A simple healing ritual to retune your chpiratnya

Negative, hateful, non peaceful and unhappy feelings not only cause negatively tuned Chpiratnya but are also a result of negatively tuned Chpiratnya.

When someone causes you to feel negative emotions, it means that they are also experiencing negative tuning. Their tuning can effect yours, especially if you are of the same family or live in the same hearth.

This simple Rita is a way to take care of your chpiratnya and retune it to a more positive way.

What You Need

  • A candle
  • A stone
  • A bowl of sayari water
  • Anything else you feel would help, relaxing incense, etc
  • To Be Naked

First off, choose a space for this Rita that is clean and gives you positive feelings. The area you make the rita shouldn’t be adding to your negative tuning. Ideally, it should add to it. The family shrine or a Sayari shrine are ideal places for this. Outside, beneath a tree is another great place. Just choose anywhere that makes you feel good, or at least, makes you feel better.

You should also ensure that you will be undisturbed for the duration of the Rita. It can take as long as you would like. The more energy that you put into your rita the more effective it will be.

Healing Rita – Step 1

First, make sure that you have everything that you need. Make sure that you have your candle, a way to light the candle, a stone, and a bowl of water. Make sure you have anything else you need or want as well.

  1. Light the candle, saying to yourself (or out loud, which is preferred):

Klana: J’flami ci da lumdonaja kune l’vana t’gucmagi mwa chpiratnya

English: I light this candle with the intent of positively tuning my energy

2. Focus on the flame of the candle for a while, breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly. As you breathe in, say:

Klana: j’Inbrejanti guca, patsa kai falica

English: I am breathing in wellness, peace and happiness

As you breathe out, say:

Klana: j’ausbrejanti chlekta, anpatsa kai anfalica

English: I am breathing out negativity, malice and unhappiness

Do this for a while until you feel more relaxed, all the while keeping your intent on performing these actions in the name of retuning your energy to a more positive way.

Healing Rita – Step 2

  1. Next, take the bowl of water into your hands, and declare that you intend this water to represent purification, cleansing and the changing of negative to positive.


Klana: ci da agwa j’spagi e gucmaganti kai chlektformaganti

English: I say that this water is purifying and repelling of negativity

Now, use your imagination to visualize the purifying power of the water. You can do this by visualizing a glow of white energy, blue energy or any color that to you says, “I will make things better”.

You could also visualize the water being poured into the bowl by the Great Mother Sayari herself, as she tells you that this purifying water will wash away your negativity.

2. Now, take your fingers and dip them into the water, saying something like:

Klana: j’inpoji mwa ingrafas te l’agwa kai j’intigi l’gucmagajas es doni t’ej

English: I place my fingers in the water and receive the positive it gives to me

Now, more visualization. Visualize the positive energy contained within the water being soaked up by your fingers, and travelling from your fingertips all the way up your body. Try to feel this as it happens. With practice you will get better at visualizing sensations. Successfully feeling it as if it were a physical sensation doesn’t have to happen, remember what is important is the intent you are putting into your actions.

3. Wet your hands with the sayari water and wet your body with it. Wet your face, your neck, chests, arms, stomache, legs and feet. Pay specific attention to any parts of your body that you feel may be related to your negative tuning. For example, say someone pinched your arm, you may put more focus onto that arm when you get to it.

Each time you re-wet your hands and wet your body with them, say:

Klana: l’gucagwa gucmagi ej

English: This Water of Goodness is Giving Me Positive Energy

Healing Rita – Step 3

  1. After you have washed yourself in the positive energy and healing power of the sayari water, it is time to release any left over negative energy into the stone.

Hold the stone in the palm of whichever hand you feel better releasing energy with.

Visualize your negative energy being absorbed by the stone. Say:

Klana: ci da dorfboja intigi mwa chlekte chpiratnya, jis j’na avi ayine mere

English: This stone absorbs my negative energy until I don’t have any more

Remember, the more time and energy you put into these steps, the more intent you are focusing into the rita and the more effective it will become.

2. Once you are satisfied with your release of your negative energy into the stone, drop it into the bowl of sayari water.


Klana: Nun l’gucagwa gucmagi l’chpiratnya di l’dorfboja

English: Now this healing water of goodness is making the negativity in this stone go away

Visualize the negative energy being absorbed from the stone by the water. Visualize the water changing as it absorbs the negative energy. One the water has absorbed all of the negative energy, visualize the water neutralizing the negative energy, converting it to positive energy. Visualize the changes in the water in any way that you wish. I like to use changes in color.

3. Once the negative energy has all been converted to positive energy, lift the bowl to your mouth and say:

Klana: l’agwa di l’sayari-vuma gucmagi cia chpiratnya kai doni t’ej l’viva. j’chlanji da guca kai da viva vananti che donajas.

English: The Water of Sayari’s Womb purifies all energy and gives to me life. I drink this goodness and this life she gives to me in acceptance.

Now drink the purified water, and feel the positive energy it contains being absorbed into your body. Drink it slowly, so that you may pay attention to every sensation that you experience as sayari’s water and the positive energy it contains becomes a part of your body. feel as the energy of the water becomes one with your energy, feel it enter you body and feel your body accept.

4. Once the water is all drank and the bowl contains just the little stone which has been purified of negative energy, place the bowl down and return your gaze to the flame of the candle.

Breath in and out deeply again, slowly. Pay attention to the way that it feels to breathe. Remind yourself that your ability to breathe provides you the ability to experience pleasure and happiness.

Thank Sayari for being a loving mother, and perhaps spend some time visualizing spending time with her. When you are done, blow out the candle, and say:

Klana: Se j’falici, se j’patsi, j’ebli falicfaizi kai krechki same flura. kai cia cirkaue ej, cia mwa klanichtas, chwe gucavi car mwa patsa. lasi j’ciame memori da se j’falici o se j’anfalici pyendi va j’magi nun. lasi j’ciame denihi guce kai jamile denihas. lasi j’ciame spagi guce kai jamile spagas. lasi j’ciame magi guce kai jamile magas. lasi cia ichtas avi guca, patsa kai falica.

English: If I am happy, if I am peaceful, I can smile and blossom like a flower. And everyone around me, and everyone in my family, will benefit from my peace. May I always remember that my happiness or my misery depend on what i do now. May I always think pure and beautiful thoughts. May I always speak pure and beautiful words, and may I always do pure and beautiful deeds. May all beings be well, happy and peaceful.

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